Getting Around

The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA), is the major operator of public transport in Boston. The MTBA website is the major source of information when it comes to the integrated system of transport in Boston which includes the local Bus, Boat, Subway and Commuter Rail.

The Subway

To ride the T one needs to obtain a CharlieTicket, or a CharlieCard from a ticket vending machine located at every T station. CharlieTickets are reusable and rechargeable, while CharlieCards are the most affordable, flexible, and convenient way to ride — especially if you are considering a longer stay in Boston. The basic price with a CharlieCard for a ride is $2.00, with free transfer to the local bus. The price with a CharlieTicket is $2.50.

There is a day pass for $11.00 and a weekly pass for $18.00. These passes are valid on the subway, the local bus and commuter Rail Zone 1A, and the Inner Harbor Ferry. Seniors and Persons with Disabilities pay $1.00 per ride. Children under the age of twelve, when accompanied by an adult, with a limit of two children for each adult, ride free.

For more information on accessing the “T”, Call 617-222-3200 or visit  The trip planner on the site will help you get to where you are going.

Taxi Information

Helpfull Transportation Apps

There are plenty of Apps to help you get around Boston. Some of the best:

For more apps to help you around Boston see